The yearbook needs help gathering photos for this year's yearbook.

Please click on the link

Then type the code: schs21

Upload photos of friends, social gatherings, etc...

The yearbook staff thanks you in advance!

Order the 2021 Yearbook Online Today!
Click the following link:
Then select 'Spring Creek High School - NEVADA
Follow the Prompts from there. (If you would rather pay with cash/check, please wait until students are allowed to go back to the school - thank you!)

**Senior Parents - this is the same link you may use to purchase and create your senior's 'Baby Ad' for the yearbook as well. Click 'Personal Ad' and follow the prompts. You can choose to create your own ad, or have the yearbook staff make the ad for you. (For now, we ask to refrain from sending in copies of photos, and prefer that you use the website to upload your photos instead) Thank you in advance for understanding this change, and also yearbook staff appreciates your support!